MultiSight HD IP Camera System for

Convenience Store Retail Operations & Security 

Read the Boyett Petroleum Case Study
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Why did Boyett Petroleum, parent company to the acclaimed Cruisers brand and successful convenience store management company, decide to replace their traditional DVR security system and HD IP cameras with MultiSight's IP camera system?

“I’ve looked at more video in the past 3 weeks than I have in the past 3 years and every time I do, I see something different that needs attention. I’ve seen theft that I was able to share with police and I’ve seen operational issues that I’m able to share with my managers.” 

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • The power of a truly mobile video solution
  • How being 3000 miles away is just as easy as being on site
  • Why Boyett switched from their traditional securty system to MultiSight
  • How and why the VP of Operations chose MultiSight
  • How simple it was for Boyett to deploy MultiSight across their locations
  • How it has helped transform the Boyett and Cruisers brand 
  • How Boyett can check the same view across all stores in one simple interface
  • How MultiSight helps enhance retail security and retail metrics

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