MultiSight HD IP Camera System for

Retail Operations & Security 

Read the Petland Case Study
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Why did Petland, with over 140 diverse locations, decide to replace their traditional video system with MultiSight's HD IP cameras for retail security and retail metrics?

"We chose MultiSight not just for the video quality, but for the built-in business analytics that bring real value to our business.

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • Why MultiSight became the provider of choice for Petland
  • How and why the CFO chose MultiSight
  • How MultiSight helps Petland uniquely share video clips with proper authorities
  • How it has helped transform the Petland business according to the VP of Business Development and International Relations 
  • Unexpected benefits related to increased productivity, operational support, and increased conversion rates
  • New ways Petland is managing IT and facilities, increasing security and collaboration with law enforcement, and increasing safety

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